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      Introduce the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property. · d0a76ea0
      Stephen Kelly authored
      This property replaces the properties which
      match (IMPORTED_)?LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES(_<CONFIG>)?, and is enabled
      for IMPORTED targets, and for non-IMPORTED targets only with a policy.
      For static libraries, the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property is
      also used as the source of transitive usage requirements content.
      Static libraries still require users to link to all entries in
      their LINK_LIBRARIES, but usage requirements such as INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES
      COMPILE_DEFINITIONS and COMPILE_OPTIONS can be restricted to only
      certain interface libraries.
      Because the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property is populated unconditionally,
      we need to compare the evaluated result of it with the link implementation
      to determine whether to issue the policy warning for static libraries. For
      shared libraries, the policy warning is issued if the contents of
      the INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES property differs from the contents of the
      relevant config-specific old LINK_INTERFACE_LIBRARIES property.