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      VS: Provide an option to use x64 host tools · d079e71c
      Brad King authored
      Visual Studio provides toolchains that are themselves built for 32-bit
      or 64-bit host architectures.  By default it uses the 32-bit tools, but
      it can be told to prefer the 64-bit tools on 64-bit hosts.  Extend the
      `CMAKE_GENERATOR_TOOLSET` specification to provide a way to request
      use of the 64-bit host tools.
      Closes: #15622
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      VS: Implement CMAKE_GENERATOR_PLATFORM for VS >= 8 · b97736a2
      Brad King authored
      For VS generator names that do not specify the platform name, read
      Extend the RunCMake.GeneratorPlatform test with a case covering
      use of the x64 platform when the test generator is a Visual Studio
      generator whose name does not specify a platform.
  7. 28 Oct, 2013 1 commit
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      VS: Add version year to generator names · 29071fed
      Brad King authored
      Rename the Visual Studio >= 10 generators to indicate the version year:
       Visual Studio 10 => Visual Studio 10 2010
       Visual Studio 11 => Visual Studio 11 2012
       Visual Studio 12 => Visual Stduio 12 2013
      Report the names with the year to the list of available generators so
      that the cmake-gui drop-down shows the years.  When selecting a
      generator from the "-G" option or from an existing CMAKE_GENERATOR cache
      entry, recognize names without the years for compatibility and map them
      to the names with years.
      Update the generator names in the cmake-generators.7 manual.