1. 31 Dec, 2010 1 commit
  2. 29 Jul, 2010 1 commit
  3. 08 Feb, 2010 1 commit
  4. 02 Feb, 2010 1 commit
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      Avoid CTest 2.6.4 dashboard script crash · 09be6c54
      Brad King authored
      CTest 2.6.4 crashes if a dashboard script invokes "message()" after
      "ctest_test()" or anything else that creates an inner cmCTest object.
      The CMake.Install test drives installation using --build-and-test with
      the outer CTest driving CMake tests.  We add --force-new-ctest-process
      to avoid creation of a cmCTest object inside the outer CTest just in
      case it is 2.6.4.
  5. 28 Jan, 2010 1 commit
  6. 10 Dec, 2009 1 commit
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      Test 'install' target of CMake itself · 6c79c962
      Brad King authored
      We create option CMake_TEST_INSTALL to enable a new CMake.Install test.
      It tests running the "make install" target to install CMake itself into
      a test directory.  We enable the option by default for dashboard builds.