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      VS: Fix subproject .sln dependencies on custom targets · 790e1677
      Brad King authored
      Each project listed in a .sln must be marked (or not) as part of the
      "default build" for each configuration.  For targets created by the
      add_custom_target() command we add them to the default build if they
      are not excluded in some way or if another target depends on them.
      In the top-level .sln, a custom target is excluded if it is not
      created with the ALL option to add_custom_target.  In subdirectory
      .sln files, a target may also be excluded if it is not within the
      directory and is brought into the solution only due to a dependency
      from another target in the solution.
      Fix the "IsPartOfDefaultBuild" and "IsDependedOn" methods to check
      every target to be included in the .sln for a dependency on the
      custom target.  Otherwise transitive dependencies through targets
      not in the current subdirectory will not be considered.
      Extend the SubProject test with a custom target to cover this case.
      Reported-by: default avatarWilliam Deurwaarder <William.Deurwaarder@tomtom.com>
      Reported-by: default avatarDirk Steenpass <dirk.steenpass@gmail.com>
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