Commit ea2a8dd2 authored by Kris Thielemans's avatar Kris Thielemans Committed by Brad King

FindHDF5: Restore `-D` in HDF5_DEFINITIONS

Changes in commit v3.8.0-rc1~7^2~5 (FindHDF5: Fix command-line parsing
argument extraction order, 2017-02-02) accidentally dropped `-D` from
preprocessor definition flags extracted from the HDF5 compiler wrappers.

Fixes: #16693
parent e1adec32
......@@ -352,7 +352,7 @@ macro( _HDF5_parse_compile_line
list(APPEND ${include_paths} "${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
elseif("${arg}" MATCHES "^-D(.*)$")
# compile definition
list(APPEND ${definitions} "${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
list(APPEND ${definitions} "-D${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
elseif("${arg}" MATCHES "^-L(.*)$")
# library search path
list(APPEND ${library_paths} "${CMAKE_MATCH_1}")
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