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ChangeLog: Changes since CMake 2.8.1

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Changes since CMake 2.8.1
- Build on Tru64 (#10542)
- Build on mingw-w64
- Build on old Sun (#10550, #10543)
- CPack: Add native BZip2 support
- CPack: Set compression type in RPM spec (#10363)
- CTest: Add --stop-time argument
- CTest: Cost data with '-j'
- CTest: Fix memory report
- CTest: Glob for uncovered files during coverage tests
- CTest: Option to specify cdash server
- CTest: Process tree kill for OpenBSD, FreeBSD, kFreeBSD, GNU/Hurd
- CTest: Report failure in Update.xml
- CTest: Submit author email in Update.xml
- CTest: Teach ctest_update about Git submodules
- Do not list file names during 'cmake -E tar xz'
- Documentation: Comply with "XHTML 1.0 Strict"
- Documentation: Fix typo in CMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH (#10291)
- Documentation: Fix typo in HAS_CXX docs (#10578)
- Documentation: More consistent command signatures
- Eclipse: Do not add INCLUDE to environment twice
- Enable extra CodeBlocks generator on Cygwin
- FindCurses: Fix for cygwin ncurses package
- FindHSPELL: Version support
- FindJava: Error if version is not found only when REQUIRED
- FindJava: Support runtime and development components (#9840)
- FindKDE4: Prefer kdeconfig results over system paths
- FindMPEG: Check for 'vo' library
- FindPNG: Support png 1.4 versioned lib names (#10551)
- FindPkgConfig: Add QUIET keyword to pkgconfig macros (see #10469)
- FindZLIB: GnuWin32 support, version support (#5588)
- FindwxWidget: Fix CXX flag parsing (#10209)
- Fix .pdb name attribute in VS project files (#10614)
- Fix CodeBlocks to work with Fortran-only
- Fix VS 2010 custom commands (#10503)
- Fix VS 6 support for COMPILE_DEFINITIONS_MINSIZEREL (#10700)
- Fix cross-compiling from Linux to iPhone (#10526)
- Fix documentation typos
- Fix g95 Fortran compiler support
- GetPrerequisites: Provide an override hook
- Handle non-ASCII terminators in file(STRINGS)
- Module fixes: FindPythonLibs, FindQt4, FindX11, FindwxWidgets
- PathScale Fortran compiler tool detection
- Qt4 OpenGL framework fix
- Qt4ConfigDependentSettings.cmake Qt4Macros.cmake UseQt4.cmake
- Recognize ARM ABI/EABI with GNU compilers
- Search basic directories on "Generic" platform
- Set MSVC* variables consistently on all generators, and test
- Support VS 10 Express (related to #10670)
- Support compression with 'cmake -E tar'
- Support multiple arguments in CC,CXX,FC environment variables
- Support per-platform initial ASM language flags (#10577)
- Use Fortran ABI detection results conservatively
- Use libarchive to replace the unmaintained libtar
- UseQt4: Support QtMultimedia (#10675)
- bootstrap: Fix make tool detection (#10544)
- cmake-gui: Add simple grouped view
- cmake-gui: Support build tree under symlink (#9975)
- Cleanup modules FindASPELL, FindAVIFile, FindBZip2, FindDart,
FindEXPAT, FindGCCXML, FindGLU, FindHSPELL, FindJasper, FindLibXml2,
FindLibXslt, FindMPEG, FindOpenAL, FindPhysFS, FindQuickTime,
FindSubversion, FindZLIB.
Changes in CMake 2.8.1
- Fix failing test on cygwin
- Add a new serach path for MPICH2
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