Commit debe4dec authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

libarchive: Drop options not present in reduced version

Drop ENABLE_TAR and ENABLE_CPIO related options because we do not build
these command-line tools.  Drop ENABLE_TEST and ENABLE_COVERAGE options
because we do not build the tests.
parent 66b0c4fa
......@@ -76,15 +76,9 @@ OPTION(ENABLE_EXPAT "Enable the use of the system found EXPAT library if found"
OPTION(ENABLE_PCREPOSIX "Enable the use of the system found PCREPOSIX library if found" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_LibGCC "Enable the use of the system found LibGCC library if found" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_TAR "Enable tar building" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_TAR_SHARED "Enable dynamic build of tar" FALSE)
OPTION(ENABLE_CPIO "Enable cpio building" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_CPIO_SHARED "Enable dynamic build of cpio" FALSE)
OPTION(ENABLE_XATTR "Enable extended attribute support" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_ACL "Enable ACL support" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_ICONV "Enable iconv support" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_TEST "Enable unit and regression tests" ON)
OPTION(ENABLE_COVERAGE "Enable code coverage (GCC only, automatically sets ENABLE_TEST to ON)" FALSE)
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