Commit cf8c6a30 authored by Ken Martin's avatar Ken Martin

ENH: updte to lower case and using ADD_SUBDIRECTORY

parent b43aaed3
# The name of our project is "HELLO". CMakeLists files in this project can
# refer to the root source directory of the project as ${HELLO_SOURCE_DIR} and
# to the root binary directory of the project as ${HELLO_BINARY_DIR}.
project (HELLO)
# Recurse into the "Hello" and "Demo" subdirectories. This does not actually
# cause another cmake executable to run. The same process will walk through
# the project's entire directory structure.
SUBDIRS(Hello Demo)
add_subdirectory (Hello)
add_subdirectory (Demo)
# Make sure the compiler can find include files from our Hello library.
include_directories (${HELLO_SOURCE_DIR}/Hello)
# Make sure the linker can find the Hello library once it is built.
link_directories (${HELLO_BINARY_DIR}/Hello)
# Add executable called "helloDemo" that is built from the source files
# "demo.cxx" and "demo_b.cxx". The extensions are automatically found.
ADD_EXECUTABLE(helloDemo demo.cxx demo_b.cxx)
add_executable (helloDemo demo.cxx demo_b.cxx)
# Link the executable to the Hello library.
target_link_libraries (helloDemo Hello)
# Create a library called "Hello" which includes the source file "hello.cxx".
# The extension is already found. Any number of sources could be listed here.
ADD_LIBRARY(Hello hello.cxx)
add_library (Hello hello.cxx)
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