Commit bbf216fb authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

VS: Add toolset v142 CSharp flag table

While the flag tables for C and C++ were generated from MSBuild `.xml`
files, the CSharp flag tables were written by hand.  Copy the `v141`
flag table to use for the `v142` toolset.

Remove the special case added by commit 626c51f4 (VS: Update for
Visual Studio 2019 Preview 2, 2019-01-24, v3.14.0-rc1~74^2) that mapped
the v142 flag table lookup to v141 since we now have the real v142

Fixes: #19828
parent 6fb747a0
......@@ -34,8 +34,7 @@ std::string cmVisualStudio10ToolsetOptions::GetCSharpFlagTableName(
std::string const useToolset = this->GetToolsetName(name, toolset);
if (useToolset == "v142") {
// FIXME: Add CSharp flag table for v142.
return "v141";
return "v142";
} else if (useToolset == "v141") {
return "v141";
} else if (useToolset == "v140") {
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