Commit b97673f5 authored by Craig Scott's avatar Craig Scott

Help: Add note to each string() subcommand that assumes ASCII input

Fixes: #19465
parent 26cd64d9
......@@ -59,6 +59,10 @@ search for the position of the last occurrence of the specified
``<substring>``. If the ``<substring>`` is not found, a position of -1 is
The ``string(FIND)`` subcommand treats all strings as ASCII-only characters.
The index stored in ``<output_variable>`` will also be counted in bytes,
so strings containing multi-byte characters may lead to unexpected results.
.. code-block:: cmake
......@@ -239,7 +243,9 @@ Convert ``<string>`` to upper characters.
string(LENGTH <string> <output_variable>)
Store in an ``<output_variable>`` a given string's length.
Store in an ``<output_variable>`` a given string's length in bytes.
Note that this means if ``<string>`` contains multi-byte characters, the
result stored in ``<output_variable>`` will *not* be the number of characters.
......@@ -252,6 +258,9 @@ Store in an ``<output_variable>`` a substring of a given ``<string>``. If
will be returned. If ``<string>`` is shorter than ``<length>`` then the
end of the string is used instead.
Both ``<begin>`` and ``<length>`` are counted in bytes, so care must
be exercised if ``<string>`` could contain multi-byte characters.
.. note::
CMake 3.1 and below reported an error if ``<length>`` pointed past
the end of ``<string>``.
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