Commit a27c13f4 authored by Ruslan Baratov's avatar Ruslan Baratov Committed by Brad King

BundleUtilities: Teach fixup_bundle to check install_name_tool result

Fail explicitly if install_name_tool fails to make an update we need.
parent 2fd44b08
......@@ -776,7 +776,12 @@ function(fixup_bundle_item resolved_embedded_item exepath dirs)
# to install_name_tool:
execute_process(COMMAND install_name_tool ${changes} "${resolved_embedded_item}")
set(cmd install_name_tool ${changes} "${resolved_embedded_item}")
execute_process(COMMAND ${cmd} RESULT_VARIABLE install_name_tool_result)
if(NOT install_name_tool_result EQUAL 0)
string(REPLACE ";" "' '" msg "'${cmd}'")
message(FATAL_ERROR "Command failed:\n ${msg}")
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