Commit a1c9de56 authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole

CMake 2.8.7-rc2

parent 25b159cd
......@@ -426,7 +426,7 @@ SET(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR 2)
# Releases define a tweak level.
Changes in CMake 2.8.7-rc2 (since 2.8.7-rc1)
Alex Neundorf (5):
automoc: default to strict mode, use CMAKE_AUTOMOC_RELAXED_MODE
automoc: improved warning message in relaxed mode
Remove trailing whitespace
Add comment about one more problem of the C depency scanner.
fix #12262: dependency scanning for ASM files
Bill Hoffman (1):
Fix the case where cmake --build failed with two project cmds in one file.
Brad King (11):
KWSys: Correctly handle empty environment variables
FortranCInterface: Work around mingw32-make trouble with parens
Xcode: Create separate rerun dependencies for subprojects (#12616)
Fix Intel Fortran .vfproj files for VS 10
HP: Drive shared library linking with compiler front end
Follow all dependencies of shared library private dependencies
Do not link private dependent shared libraries on OS X > 10.4
Avoid clobbering variable 'OUTPUT' in compiler tests (#12628)
Fix and simplify Fortran test compiler compatibility check
CTest: Recognize Intel errors without space before colon (#12627)
Windows-GNU: Remove extra quotes in GNUtoMS rule variable
David Cole (4):
Release: Increase timeout for slow-testing cygwin build
Modules: Use "windres" as rc compiler base name for cross-compiles (#12480)
Tests: Only really run MFC test if we can build MFC apps (#11213)
FindBoost: Quote possibly empty string argument (#12273)
Eric NOULARD (1):
CPackRPM fix #0012608 and unoticed related bug
Johan Fänge (1):
CMake: Fix progress reporting for custom targets (#12441)
Mike McQuaid (2):
Unset configurations variable when no build type.
Improve component support and output indentation.
Raphael Kubo da Costa (2):
Remove the apparently outdated README in Source/QtDialog.
QtDialog: Set Ctrl+Q as the shortcut for quitting the program.
Tim Gallagher (2):
FindLAPACK: Correct CMAKE_FIND_LIBRARY_SUFFIXES spelling (#12624)
FindLAPACK: List thread libs to avoid link errors (#12625)
Valat Sébastien (1):
CTest: Do not get CDash version without drop site (#12618)
Changes in CMake 2.8.7-rc1 (since 2.8.6)
Aaron Ten Clay (1):
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