Commit 9e29a742 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

BUG: EQUAL -> STREQUAL for string comparison.

parent b7e04e69
......@@ -37,11 +37,11 @@ MACRO(strange_macro m)
ENDMACRO(strange_macro m)
set(second_var "second_var")
IF("${var}" EQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" EQUAL "second_var")
IF("${var}" STREQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" STREQUAL "second_var")
PASS("Case Test" "(${var} ${second_var})")
ELSE("${var}" EQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" EQUAL "second_var")
ELSE("${var}" STREQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" STREQUAL "second_var")
FAILED("Case test" "(${var} ${second_var})")
ENDIF("${var}" EQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" EQUAL "second_var")
ENDIF("${var}" STREQUAL "strange_macro" AND "${second_var}" STREQUAL "second_var")
# test backing up command
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