Commit 97c98876 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

pre-commit: Update KWSys rejection message for new workflow

KWSys is now kept in its own Git repository.  We manually extract
snapshots of KWSys versions to update the Source/kwsys directory.
parent 3db0b514
......@@ -27,18 +27,16 @@ if test -z "$HOOKS_ALLOW_KWSYS"; then
'"$(echo "$files" | sed 's/^/ /')"'
cannot be committed through Git. KWSys is kept in a CVS repository
shared by several projects. A robot replays changes committed there
into the Source/kwsys directory in CMake. Please send changes to
this directory separately. Run
should not be made directly in CMake. KWSys is kept in its own Git
repository and shared by several projects. Please visit
git reset HEAD -- Source/kwsys
to unstage these changes and then
to contribute changes directly to KWSys. Run
git diff -- Source/kwsys > kwsys.patch
git reset HEAD -- Source/kwsys
to construct the patch. Alternatively, set environment variable
to unstage these changes. Alternatively, set environment variable
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