Commit 8f0667c1 authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole

BundleUtilities: Avoid a cryptic and unhelpful error message

When the path to "resolved_embedded_item" was shorter than
the path to the bundle being fixed up, fixup_bundle would
fail with a cmake error like:

  "string end index: 110 is out of range 0 - 85"

Detect when the path of resolved_embedded_item is too short
to be embedded in the bundle, and report the proper error
message, so the poor developer reading it has a snowball's
chance of actually fixing the issue.
parent 8af1eaf4
......@@ -546,13 +546,25 @@ function(fixup_bundle_item resolved_embedded_item exepath dirs)
get_dotapp_dir("${exepath}" exe_dotapp_dir)
string(LENGTH "${exe_dotapp_dir}/" exe_dotapp_dir_length)
string(SUBSTRING "${resolved_embedded_item}" 0 ${exe_dotapp_dir_length} item_substring)
if(NOT "${exe_dotapp_dir}/" STREQUAL "${item_substring}")
string(LENGTH "${resolved_embedded_item}" resolved_embedded_item_length)
set(path_too_short 0)
set(is_embedded 0)
if(${resolved_embedded_item_length} LESS ${exe_dotapp_dir_length})
set(path_too_short 1)
if(NOT path_too_short)
string(SUBSTRING "${resolved_embedded_item}" 0 ${exe_dotapp_dir_length} item_substring)
if("${exe_dotapp_dir}/" STREQUAL "${item_substring}")
set(is_embedded 1)
if(NOT is_embedded)
message(" exe_dotapp_dir/='${exe_dotapp_dir}/'")
message(" item_substring='${item_substring}'")
message(" resolved_embedded_item='${resolved_embedded_item}'")
message("Install or copy the item into the bundle before calling fixup_bundle")
message("Install or copy the item into the bundle before calling fixup_bundle.")
message("Or maybe there's a typo or incorrect path in one of the args to fixup_bundle?")
message(FATAL_ERROR "cannot fixup an item that is not in the bundle...")
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