Commit 8d93815d authored by stryku's avatar stryku

source_group command ensures that FILES arguments are actually files

parent 4ccf40e6
......@@ -80,7 +80,10 @@ std::vector<std::string> prepareFilesPathsForTree(
for (auto const& filePath : filesPaths) {
prepared.push_back(prepareFilePathForTree(filePath, currentSourceDir));
// If provided file path is actually not a file, silently ignore it.
if (cmSystemTools::FileExists(filePath, /*isFile=*/true)) {
prepared.push_back(prepareFilePathForTree(filePath, currentSourceDir));
return prepared;
......@@ -42,8 +42,16 @@ set(tree_files_with_prefix ${root}/tree_prefix_foo.c
set(tree_files_with_empty_prefix ${root}/tree_empty_prefix_foo.c
set(tree_files_which_are_actually_directories ${root}
source_group(TREE ${root} FILES ${tree_files_without_prefix})
# Should not crash and not add any files - just silently ignore the directories
source_group(TREE ${root} FILES ${tree_files_which_are_actually_directories})
source_group(FILES ${tree_files_with_prefix} PREFIX tree_root/subgroup TREE ${root})
source_group(PREFIX "" FILES ${tree_files_with_empty_prefix} TREE ${root})
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