Commit 89256e03 authored by David Cole's avatar David Cole

BundleUtilities: Use a more inclusive REGEX for frameworks (#13600)

Some frameworks might be built with the library right at the root
of the framework rather than down in a versioned sub-folder with
a symlink at the root.

Make one of the slashes in the REGEX optional so BundleUtilities
can still properly work with such frameworks ... even if they are
weird. ;-)

Thanks to Tobias Hieta for the bug report and for trying out the fix
before I pushed this commit.
parent 02b993b1
......@@ -369,7 +369,7 @@ function(set_bundle_key_values keys_var context item exepath dirs copyflag)
# For frameworks, construct the name under the embedded path from the
# opening "${item_name}.framework/" to the closing "/${item_name}":
string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*(${item_name}.framework/.*/${item_name}).*$" "${default_embedded_path}/\\1" embedded_item "${item}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "^.*(${item_name}.framework/.*/?${item_name}).*$" "${default_embedded_path}/\\1" embedded_item "${item}")
# For other items, just use the same name as the original, but in the
# embedded path:
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