Commit 854369fd authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

Document external language support policy

Describe in "Modules/CMakeAddNewLanguage.txt" our policy for external
language support.
parent 259cff94
This file provides a few notes to CMake developers about how to add
support for a new language to CMake. It is also possible to place
these files in CMAKE_MODULE_PATH within an outside project to add
languages not supported by upstream CMake. However, this is not
a fully supported use case.
The implementation behind the scenes of project/enable_language,
including the compiler/platform modules, is an *internal* API that
does not make any compatibility guarantees. It is not covered in the
official reference documentation that is versioned with the source code.
Maintainers of external language support are responsible for porting
it to each version of CMake as upstream changes are made. Since
the API is internal we will not necessarily include notice of any
changes in release notes.
CMakeDetermine(LANG)Compiler.cmake -> this should find the compiler for LANG and configure CMake(LANG)
CMake(LANG) -> used by CMakeDetermine(LANG)Compiler.cmake
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