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......@@ -806,6 +806,7 @@ if(NOT CMake_TEST_EXTERNAL_CMAKE)
REGEX "Help/dev($|/)" EXCLUDE
# Install auxiliary files integrating with other tools.
Contributing to CMake
The following summarizes the process for contributing changes.
See documentation on `CMake Development`_ for more information.
.. _`CMake Development`: Help/dev/README.rst
......@@ -19,13 +24,18 @@ CMake uses `Kitware's GitLab Instance`_ to manage development and code review.
To contribute patches:
#. Fork the upstream `CMake Repository`_ into a personal account.
#. Run `Utilities/`_ for local configuration.
#. Base all new work on the upstream ``master`` branch.
#. Create commits making incremental, distinct, logically complete changes.
#. Push a topic branch to a personal repository fork on GitLab.
#. Create a GitLab Merge Request targeting the upstream ``master`` branch.
The merge request will enter the `CMake Review Process`_ for consideration.
.. _`Kitware's GitLab Instance`:
.. _`CMake Repository`:
.. _`Utilities/`: Utilities/
.. _`CMake Review Process`: Help/dev/review.rst
Code Style
CMake Development
This directory contains documentation about development of CMake itself.
It is not part of the user documentation distributed with CMake.
Contributor Instructions
See `CONTRIBUTING.rst`_ for instructions to contribute changes.
The process for contributing changes is the same whether or not one
has been invited to participate directly in upstream development.
Upstream Development
CMake uses `Kitware's GitLab Instance`_ to manage development, review, and
integration of changes. The `CMake Repository`_ holds the integration
branches and tags. Changes follow the `CMake Review Process`_ for
.. _`Kitware's GitLab Instance`:
.. _`CMake Repository`:
.. _`CMake Review Process`: review.rst
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......@@ -18,7 +18,9 @@ release = '@conf_release@' # full version string
primary_domain = 'cmake'
exclude_patterns = []
exclude_patterns = [
'dev', # ignore developer-only documentation
extensions = ['cmake']
templates_path = ['@conf_path@/templates']
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