Commit 756cb547 authored by Bill Hoffman's avatar Bill Hoffman

BUG: fix xcode depend issue and add a test for it

parent 6e87aa49
......@@ -2706,7 +2706,7 @@ cmGlobalXCodeGenerator::CreateXCodeDependHackTarget(
universal += ".build/";
universal += configName;
universal += "/";
universal += t->GetName();
universal += t->GetFullName(configName);
universal += ".build/Objects-normal/";
for( std::vector<std::string>::iterator arch =
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 2.6)
add_library(foo STATIC ${testRebuild_BINARY_DIR}/foo.cxx)
set_target_properties(foo PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME "foolib")
# Add a generated header that regenerates when the generator is
# rebuilt.
......@@ -21,6 +22,7 @@ add_custom_command(
# changes. This should cause regen.h to be recreated also.
add_executable(generator generator.cxx)
target_link_libraries(generator foo)
set_target_properties(generator PROPERTIES OUTPUT_NAME "gen")
# Build an executable to drive the build and rebuild.
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