Commit 6af6b96c authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

libarchive: Do not use MNT_NOATIME if not defined

Use the same pattern already used elsewhere in archive_read_disk_posix.c
for ST_NOATIME to use MNT_NOATIME only when defined.
parent 02d5e405
......@@ -1321,9 +1321,11 @@ setup_current_filesystem(struct archive_read_disk *a)
t->current_filesystem->synthetic = 0;
#if defined(MNT_NOATIME)
if (sfs.f_flags & MNT_NOATIME)
t->current_filesystem->noatime = 1;
t->current_filesystem->noatime = 0;
#if defined(HAVE_READDIR_R)
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