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Help: Add documentation for AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX

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......@@ -134,6 +134,7 @@ Properties on Targets
......@@ -342,6 +342,7 @@ Variables that Control the Build
When this property is ``ON``, CMake will generate the ``-p`` path prefix
option for ``moc`` on :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` enabled Qt targets.
To generate the path prefix, CMake tests if the header compiled by ``moc``
is in any of the target
:command:`include directories <target_include_directories>`. If so, CMake will
compute the relative path accordingly. If the header is not in the
:command:`include directories <target_include_directories>`, CMake will omit
the ``-p`` path prefix option. ``moc`` usually generates a
relative include path in that case.
:prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` is initialized from the variable
:variable:`CMAKE_AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX`, which is ``ON`` by default.
See the :manual:`cmake-qt(7)` manual for more information on using CMake
with Qt.
Reproducible builds
For reproducible builds is is recommended to keep headers that are ``moc``
compiled in one of the target
:command:`include directories <target_include_directories>` and set
:prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX` to ``ON`` (which is the default). This ensures
- ``moc`` output files are identical on different build setups,
- ``moc`` output files will compile correctly when the source and/or
build directory is a symbolic link.
Whether to generate the ``-p`` path prefix option for ``moc`` on
:prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC` enabled Qt targets.
This variable is used to initialize the :prop_tgt:`AUTOMOC_PATH_PREFIX`
property on all the targets. See that target property for additional
The default value is ``ON``.
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