Commit 5fc59ea7 authored by Alex Turbov's avatar Alex Turbov Committed by Brad King

CPack: Document `CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION` variable

parent 3f354d65
......@@ -110,11 +110,19 @@ installers. The most commonly-used variables are:
0.1.1 will be assumed, leading to ``CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH`` having a
default value of 1.
A description of the project, used in places such as the introduction
screen of CPack-generated Windows installers. If not set, the value of
this variable is populated from the file named by
A text file used to describe the project. Used, for example, the
introduction screen of a CPack-generated Windows installer to describe
the project.
A text file used to describe the project when
``CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION`` is not explicitly set. The default
value for ``CPACK_PACKAGE_DESCRIPTION_FILE`` points to a built-in template
file ``Templates/CPack.GenericDescription.txt``.
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