Commit 4e174e09 authored by Baptiste Mouginot's avatar Baptiste Mouginot Committed by Brad King

FindHDF5: Fix search for static hdf5_hl on Windows

The change in commit v3.10.0-rc1~411^2~1 (FindHDF5: Add support for
HDF5_USE_STATIC_LIBRARIES on Windows, 2017-07-03) accidentally left
out a `lib` prefix on the static library name of `hdf5_hl`.  It was
done correctly already for the main `hdf5` library.
parent 985a57a1
......@@ -818,7 +818,7 @@ if( NOT HDF5_FOUND )
lib${LIB}d.a lib${LIB}_debug.a lib${LIB}d lib${LIB}_D lib${LIB}_debug
lib${LIB}d-static.a lib${LIB}_debug-static.a lib${LIB}d-static lib${LIB}_D-static lib${LIB}_debug-static )
set( THIS_LIBRARY_SEARCH_RELEASE lib${LIB}.a ${LIB} lib${LIB}-static.a lib${LIB}-static)
set( THIS_LIBRARY_SEARCH_RELEASE lib${LIB}.a lib${LIB} lib${LIB}-static.a lib${LIB}-static)
set( THIS_LIBRARY_SEARCH_DEBUG ${LIB}d ${LIB}_D ${LIB}_debug ${LIB}d-shared ${LIB}_D-shared ${LIB}_debug-shared)
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