Commit 48c6e7f2 authored by Daniel Pfeifer's avatar Daniel Pfeifer Committed by Brad King

CTest: Report to CDash the compiler version used to build the project

The compiler version reported since commit v2.8.2~1018 (CTest-side
support for compiler name and compiler version, 2009-10-12) only
reported the version of the compiler used to build CMake, and only
if it defined "_COMPILER_VERSION".  Instead use the version of
the compiler used to build the project CTest is testing.
parent 422d3f68
......@@ -69,6 +69,7 @@ UpdateType: @UPDATE_TYPE@
# Compiler info
# Dynamic analysis (MemCheck)
PurifyCommand: @PURIFYCOMMAND@
......@@ -1546,9 +1546,8 @@ void cmCTest::StartXML(cmXMLWriter& xml, bool append)
xml.Attribute("Append", "true");
xml.Attribute("CompilerName", this->GetCTestConfiguration("Compiler"));
xml.Attribute("CompilerVersion", _COMPILER_VERSION);
xml.Attribute("OSName", info.GetOSName());
xml.Attribute("Hostname", info.GetHostname());
xml.Attribute("OSRelease", info.GetOSRelease());
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