Commit 46de38da authored by Ben Boeckel's avatar Ben Boeckel

ExternalProject: replace LIST_SEPARATOR in initial cache files too

parent 5f630a93
......@@ -1777,6 +1777,11 @@ function(_ep_write_initial_cache target_name script_filename script_initial_cach
# Replace location tags.
_ep_replace_location_tags(${target_name} script_initial_cache)
_ep_replace_location_tags(${target_name} script_filename)
# Replace list separators.
get_property(sep TARGET ${target_name} PROPERTY _EP_LIST_SEPARATOR)
if(sep AND script_initial_cache)
string(REPLACE "${sep}" ";" script_initial_cache "${script_initial_cache}")
# Write out the initial cache file to the location specified.
file(GENERATE OUTPUT "${script_filename}" CONTENT "${script_initial_cache}")
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