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Help/dev: Add release commit instructions to maintainer guide

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......@@ -92,6 +92,45 @@ Publish both ``master`` and ``release`` simultaneously:
.. _`CMake Review Process`: review.rst
.. _`CMake CDash Page`:
Create Release Version
When the ``release`` branch is ready to create a new release, follow the
steps in the above `Maintain Current Release`_ section to checkout a local
``release-$ver`` branch, where ``$ver`` is the version number of the
current release in the form ``$major.$minor``.
Edit ``Source/CMakeVersion.cmake`` to set the full version:
.. code-block:: cmake
# CMake version number components.
set(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR $major)
set(CMake_VERSION_MINOR $minor)
set(CMake_VERSION_PATCH $patch)
#set(CMake_VERSION_RC $rc) # uncomment for release candidates
In the following we use the placeholder ``$fullver`` for the full version
number of the new release with the form ``$major.$minor.$patch[-rc$rc]``.
If the version is not a release candidate, comment out the RC version
component above and leave off the ``-rc$rc`` suffix from ``$fullver``.
Commit the release version with the **exact** message ``CMake $fullver``:
.. code-block:: shell
git commit -m "CMake $fullver"
Tag the release using an annotated tag with the same message as the
commit and named with the **exact** form ``v$fullver``:
.. code-block:: shell
git tag -s -m "CMake $fullver" "v$fullver"
Follow the steps in the above `Maintain Current Release`_ section to
merge the ``release-$ver`` branch into ``master`` and publish both.
Branch a New Release
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