Commit 445c7bc2 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King Committed by Kitware Robot

Merge topic 'CheckCXXSymbolExists-xref'

f26c3d5c CheckCXXSymbolExists: reference to CheckCXXSourceCompiles instead of C version
Acked-by: Kitware Robot's avatarKitware Robot <>
Merge-request: !3437
parents 49b1a285 f26c3d5c
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ Check if a symbol exists as a function, variable, or macro in C++
as a function or variable then the symbol must also be available for
linking. If the symbol is a type or enum value it will not be
recognized (consider using :module:`CheckTypeSize`
or :module:`CheckCSourceCompiles`).
or :module:`CheckCXXSourceCompiles`).
The following variables may be set before calling this macro to modify
the way the check is run:
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