Commit 39bf93c8 authored by Christian Pfeiffer's avatar Christian Pfeiffer

FindMPI: Add Intel MPI wrapper names on Windows

parent 7b4514fb
Pipeline #43877 passed with stage
......@@ -113,9 +113,10 @@ include(${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake)
# Start out with the generic MPI compiler names, as these are most commonly used.
set(_MPI_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpicc mpcc mpicc_r mpcc_r)
set(_MPI_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpicc mpcc mpicc_r mpcc_r mpicc.bat)
set(_MPI_CXX_COMPILER_NAMES mpicxx mpiCC mpcxx mpCC mpic++ mpc++
mpicxx_r mpiCC_r mpcxx_r mpCC_r mpic++_r mpc++_r)
mpicxx_r mpiCC_r mpcxx_r mpCC_r mpic++_r mpc++_r
set(_MPI_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpif95 mpif95_r mpf95 mpf95_r
mpif90 mpif90_r mpf90 mpf90_r
mpif77 mpif77_r mpf77 mpf77_r)
......@@ -127,9 +128,9 @@ set(_MPI_GNU_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpigfortran mpgfortran mpigfortran_r
mpig77 mpig77_r mpg77 mpg77_r)
# Intel MPI compiler names
set(_MPI_Intel_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpiicc)
set(_MPI_Intel_CXX_COMPILER_NAMES mpiicpc mpiicxx mpiic++ mpiiCC)
set(_MPI_Intel_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpiifort mpiif95 mpiif90 mpiif77)
set(_MPI_Intel_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpiicc mpiicc.bat)
set(_MPI_Intel_CXX_COMPILER_NAMES mpiicpc mpiicxx mpiic++ mpiiCC mpiicpc.bat)
set(_MPI_Intel_Fortran_COMPILER_NAMES mpiifort mpiif95 mpiif90 mpiif77 mpiifort.bat)
# PGI compiler names
set(_MPI_PGI_C_COMPILER_NAMES mpipgcc mppgcc)
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