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VS: added documentation for C# support

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* The :ref:`Visual Studio Generators` for VS 2010 and above
learned to support the C# language. C# assemblies and
programs can be added just like common C++ targets using
the :command:`add_library` and :command:`add_executable`
commands. Referencing between several C# targets in the same
source tree is done by :command:`target_link_libraries` like
for C++. Referencing to system or 3rd party assemblies is
done by the target properties :prop_tgt:`VS_DOTNET_REFERENCE_<refname>`
and :prop_tgt:`VS_DOTNET_REFERENCES`.
* C# as a language can be enabled using :command:`enable_language`
or :command:`project` with ``CSharp``. It is not enabled by
* Flag variables, target properties and other configuration
that specifically targets C# contains ``CSharp`` as a part of
their names.
* More finetuning of C# targets can be done using target
properties. Specifically the Visual Studio related target
properties (``VS_*``) are worth a look (for setting toolset
versions, root namespaces, assembly icons, ...).
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