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Merge topic 'doc_fixes'

76d6c593 Clean up documentation formatting so that it is rendered properly in HTML.
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......@@ -831,9 +831,9 @@ void cmDocumentVariables::DefineVariables(cmake* cm)
"the shared MFC library. This is used in visual "
"studio 6 and 7 project files. The CMakeSetup "
"dialog used MFC and the CMakeLists.txt looks like this:\n"
"set(CMAKE_MFC_FLAG 2)\n"
"add_executable(CMakeSetup WIN32 ${SRCS})\n",false,
" add_definitions(-D_AFXDLL)\n"
" set(CMAKE_MFC_FLAG 2)\n"
" add_executable(CMakeSetup WIN32 ${SRCS})\n",false,
"Variables That Change Behavior");
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