Commit 3906ca5a authored by Clinton Stimpson's avatar Clinton Stimpson Committed by Brad King

BundleUtilities: Fix regression handling frameworks

Fix logic error introduced in commit e422f738 (BundleUtilities: Fix
treatment of .dylib inside .framework folders, 2016-02-11).
parent e422f738
......@@ -479,7 +479,7 @@ function(set_bundle_key_values keys_var context item exepath dirs copyflag)
get_item_rpaths("${resolved_item}" item_rpaths)
if((item NOT MATCHES "\\.dylib$") AND (item MATCHES "[^/]+\\.framework/"))
if((NOT item MATCHES "\\.dylib$") AND (item MATCHES "[^/]+\\.framework/"))
# For frameworks, construct the name under the embedded path from the
# opening "${item_name}.framework/" to the closing "/${item_name}":
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