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CMake 2.8.5-rc2

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......@@ -418,7 +418,7 @@ SET(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR 2)
# Releases define a tweak level.
Changes in CMake 2.8.5-rc2 (since 2.8.5-rc1)
Bill Hoffman (6):
Fix a memory leak.
Fix for bug#10798. VS10 did not append -I flags with COMPILE_FLAGS prop.
Append and do not clobber CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS in the test.
Use bin tree for inclues to avoid -I with spaces in the path.
One more try. Use full path by default, and relative on broken compilers.
Fix for bug #11927, external project git clone step always runs vs10.
Brad King (9):
XL: Place Fortran modules with -qmoddir= flag (#12246)
Teach file(DOWNLOAD|UPLOAD) to timeout after inactivity
Xcode: Fix parallel build depends with universal binaries (#11844)
Fix style errors added by parent and grandparent
Use cascading-if for per-config test and install code
CTest: Report tests not run due to unknown configuration
GNU: Fix CMAKE_INCLUDE_SYSTEM_FLAG_<lang> value (#12258)
Teach find_(library|package) about Linux multiarch (#12037)
Test find_package multiarch support (#12037)
Clinton Stimpson (11):
BundleUtilities: Work w/ non .app exes on Mac (#12034)
BundleUtilities: Fix regex to extract dependents from ldd (#12034)
BundleUtilities: Fix test when using xcode (#12034)
BundleUtilities: Fix issues with custom target DEPENDS in test (#12034)
BundleUtilities: Disable running test on Windows unless using MSVC.
BundleUtilities: Run test on Windows if either MSVC or dumpbin was found.
BundleUtilities: Print reason for not loading
BundleUtilities: Add rpath to loadable modules in test.
Revert "BundleUtilities: Run test on Windows if either MSVC or dumpbin was found."
Qt4: complete module dependencies in UseQt4.cmake
Add imported targets support for frameworks on Mac.
Daniel R. Gomez (1):
Fix plugin API for gcc 2.9-aix51-020209 (#12233)
David Cole (3):
BundleUtilities: Avoid a cryptic and unhelpful error message
BundleUtilities: Avoid test on Watcom dashboards (#12034)
CMake: eliminate use of cvs in the Release scripts
Eric NOULARD (2):
CPackRPM: Enhance documentation
Add some more Specs file tag handling.
Johan Björk (3):
CMake: Move tokenize to cmSystemTools
Xcode: Support multiple level nesting of XCode folders (#10039)
XCode: Support target folders on XCode.
Modestas Vainius (1):
Philip Lowman (3):
FindProtobuf: Better MSVC support, Searching for protobuf lite
Fix , to - in Copyright message so it passes CMake.ModuleNotices test
10997: PROTOBUF_GENERATE_CPP now supports proto files outside current dir
Rolf Eike Beer (1):
CMake: Update documentation of STRING(SUBSTRING) for length -1 (#10740)
Sean McBride (1):
Fix XCode -> Xcode typos, notably in man page (#12231)
Tim Gallagher (1):
Modified the FindHDF5.cmake file to locate the Fortran bindings.
Will Dicharry (7):
HDF5 high level library is a find COMPONENT now.
Add logic for CMake built HDF5 install.
Use CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR to locate FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.
Use HDF5_FOUND to control autoconf and CMake built FindHDF5.
Fix for bug 11752, mixed debug and release libraries.
FindHDF5 ensures good link lines when libraries are duplicated.
Remove unnecessary mark_as_advanced from FindHDF5.
Zach Mullen (3):
Dynamic analysis test output should not be compressed.
We will actually compress memcheck output if the server supports it.
Fix type conversion warning
Changes in CMake 2.8.5-rc1 (since 2.8.4)
Alex Neundorf (33):
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