Commit 33de4d27 authored by Willem Deconinck's avatar Willem Deconinck Committed by Brad King

Fortran: Support compilers using no module prefix on submodule files

Define `CMAKE_Fortran_SUBMODULE_SEP` with an empty string to mean that
the compiler uses no module prefix on its submodule files.

Also add a default fallback to use the `.mod` extension when
`CMAKE_Fortran_SUBMODULE_EXT` is not set.  This is a better guess than
no extension at all.
parent 75337357
......@@ -79,7 +79,13 @@ std::string cmFortranParser_s::ModName(std::string const& mod_name) const
std::string cmFortranParser_s::SModName(std::string const& mod_name,
std::string const& sub_name) const
return mod_name + this->Compiler.SModSep + sub_name + this->Compiler.SModExt;
std::string const& SModExt =
this->Compiler.SModExt.empty() ? ".mod" : this->Compiler.SModExt;
// An empty separator means that the compiler does not use a prefix.
if (this->Compiler.SModSep.empty()) {
return sub_name + SModExt;
return mod_name + this->Compiler.SModSep + sub_name + SModExt;
bool cmFortranParser_FilePush(cmFortranParser* parser, const char* fname)
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