Commit 2dce48ff authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

Fix RunCMake.Configure test expectation newline matching

Teach FailCopyFileABI-check.cmake to convert CRLF to LF in the regular
expression read literally from its own source.
parent 4dc40185
......@@ -4,10 +4,11 @@ if(EXISTS "${log}")
set(error_log "")
if(NOT error_log MATCHES "Cannot copy output executable.*
string(REPLACE "\r\n" "\n" regex "Cannot copy output executable.*
to destination specified by COPY_FILE:.*
Unable to find the executable at any of:
if(NOT error_log MATCHES "${regex}")
string(REGEX REPLACE "\n" "\n " error_log " ${error_log}")
set(RunCMake_TEST_FAILED "Log file:\n ${log}\ndoes not have expected COPY_FILE failure message:\n${error_log}")
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