Commit 284a38e4 authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King

cmake-server: Revert "Support codemodel filegroups for INTERFACE_SOURCES"

Revert commit v3.13.0-rc1~144^2 (cmake-server: Support codemodel
filegroups for INTERFACE_SOURCES, 2018-08-10).  The changes activate
code paths not meant to be used with interface libraries.  Another
approach will be needed to expose this information later.

This revert has to be done by hand because the code in question has been
changed somewhat since the changes were made, and was also factored out
to another source file.

Fixes: #18463
parent fd025389
......@@ -308,9 +308,6 @@ which will result in a response type "reply"::
indicating that the server is ready for action.
Protocol version 1.3 introduces an optional flag on the target filegroup
that indicates if the filegroup represents :prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_SOURCES`.
Type "globalSettings"
......@@ -527,8 +524,6 @@ FileGroups are used to group sources using similar settings together.
Each fileGroup object may contain the following keys:
true if the fileGroup represents :prop_tgt:`INTERFACE_SOURCES`.
contains the programming language used by all files in the group.
......@@ -543,8 +538,6 @@ Each fileGroup object may contain the following keys:
with a list of defines in the form "SOMEVALUE" or "SOMEVALUE=42". This
value is encoded in the system's native shell format.
true if the files were generated.
with a list of source files.
......@@ -43,4 +43,3 @@ static const std::string kCTEST_COMMAND = "ctestCommand";
static const std::string kCTEST_INFO = "ctestInfo";
static const std::string kMINIMUM_CMAKE_VERSION = "minimumCMakeVersion";
static const std::string kIS_GENERATOR_PROVIDED_KEY = "isGeneratorProvided";
static const std::string kIS_INTERFACE_SOURCES_KEY = "isInterfaceSources";
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -164,12 +164,7 @@ bool cmServerProtocol::DoActivate(const cmServerRequest& /*request*/,
std::pair<int, int> cmServerProtocol1::ProtocolVersion() const
// Revision history
// 1, 1 - Report backtraces in codemodel response
// 1, 2 - Add target install destinations to codemodel
// 1, 3 - Add a flag to target filegroups indicating whether or not the
// filegroup is for INTERFACE_SOURCES
return std::make_pair(1, 3);
return std::make_pair(1, 2);
static void setErrorMessage(std::string* errorMessage, const std::string& text)
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