Commit 2186b323 authored by Kris Thielemans's avatar Kris Thielemans Committed by Brad King

FindHDF5: initialize HDF5_DEFINITIONS when using hdf5-config.cmake

parent 16f1dd0d
...@@ -418,6 +418,7 @@ if(NOT HDF5_FOUND) ...@@ -418,6 +418,7 @@ if(NOT HDF5_FOUND)
set(HDF5_CXX_HL_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_hl_cpp) set(HDF5_CXX_HL_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_hl_cpp)
set(HDF5_Fortran_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_fortran) set(HDF5_Fortran_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_fortran)
set(HDF5_Fortran_HL_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_hl_fortran) set(HDF5_Fortran_HL_TARGET ${_target_prefix}hdf5_hl_fortran)
set(_suffix "-static") set(_suffix "-static")
else() else()
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