Commit 1d9c539c authored by Brad King's avatar Brad King Committed by Kitware Robot

Merge topic 'test-fltk_wrap_ui'

f98ae28e Tests: Cover fltk_wrap_ui on an executable that links libraries
parents ddb09ec8 f98ae28e
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......@@ -85,16 +85,18 @@ endif ()
# Since FLTK_FLUID_EXE is supposed to create a .cxx/.h from a .fl/.fld,
# create an empty one so that the dependencies can be met.
add_executable(fakefluid fakefluid.cxx)
set (FLTK_WRAP_UI "On")
fltk_wrap_ui (wraplibFLTK ${FLTK_SRCS})
fltk_wrap_ui (wraplibFLTK fltk1.fl)
add_library(wraplibFLTK ${wraplibFLTK_FLTK_UI_SRCS})
add_dependencies(wraplibFLTK fakefluid)
add_dependencies(fakefluid Wrap)
fltk_wrap_ui (wrapFLTK fltk2.fl)
add_executable(wrapFLTK wrapFLTK.c ${wrapFLTK_FLTK_UI_SRCS})
target_link_libraries(wrapFLTK wraplibFLTK)
add_dependencies(wrapFLTK fakefluid)
# Mangled Mesa
int main(void) { return 0; }
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