Commit 1b63ce86 authored by Mike Gelfand's avatar Mike Gelfand Committed by Brad King

Makefiles: Make fast local and strip install truly fast

When using a Makefiles generator, `install/local/fast` and
`install/strip/fast` targets are not at all fast.  They depend on
`install/local` and `install/strip` targets respectively instead of
`preinstall/fast` and don't contain any commands instead of repeating
commands in `install/local` and `install/strip`. The issue was
introduced by simple typos in commits v2.6.0~2825 (Adding install/local
global target for Makefile generators, 2006-08-29) and v2.6.0~1743 (add
install/strip target for makefile generators, 2007-05-18).
parent 728820f3
Pipeline #42502 passed with stage
......@@ -1592,8 +1592,8 @@ void cmLocalUnixMakefileGenerator3::WriteLocalAllRules(
// Provide a "/fast" version of the target.
if ((targetName == "install") || (targetName == "install_local") ||
(targetName == "install_strip")) {
if ((targetName == "install") || (targetName == "install/local") ||
(targetName == "install/strip")) {
// Provide a fast install target that does not depend on all
// but has the same command.
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