Commit 12b85b17 authored by Felix Geyer's avatar Felix Geyer Committed by Brad King

FindSquish: Avoid bash-specific behavior in test script (#15568)

Fix to be POSIX compliant by exiting with 255
explicitly instead of depending on bash to translate -1 to 255.  This
script is used by the SQUISH_V3_ADD_TEST and SQUISH_V4_ADD_TEST macros
provided by FindSquish.
parent ee58e94d
......@@ -11,11 +11,11 @@ SETTINGSGROUP=$7
$SQUISHSERVER --stop > /dev/null 2>&1
echo "Adding AUT... $SQUISHSERVER --settingsGroup $SETTINGSGROUP --config addAUT $AUT $AUTDIR"
$SQUISHSERVER --settingsGroup "$SETTINGSGROUP" --config addAUT "$AUT" "$AUTDIR" || exit -1
$SQUISHSERVER --settingsGroup "$SETTINGSGROUP" --config addAUT "$AUT" "$AUTDIR" || exit 255
# sleep 1
echo "Starting the squish server... $SQUISHSERVER --daemon"
$SQUISHSERVER --daemon || exit -1
$SQUISHSERVER --daemon || exit 255
# sleep 2
echo "Running the test case...$SQUISHRUNNER --settingsGroup $SETTINGSGROUP --testsuite $TESTSUITE --testcase $TESTCASE"
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