Commit 0c6e8524 authored by Aaron C. Meadows's avatar Aaron C. Meadows Committed by Brad King

FindSubversion: Invoke svn non-interactively (#12304)

Otherwise Subversion_WC_LOG hangs if credentials are not set.
parent 26607e9a
......@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ IF(Subversion_SVN_EXECUTABLE)
# This macro requires a svn server network access (Internet most of the time)
# and can also be slow since it access the svn server
${Subversion_SVN_EXECUTABLE} log -r BASE ${dir}
${Subversion_SVN_EXECUTABLE} --non-interactive log -r BASE ${dir}
ERROR_VARIABLE Subversion_svn_log_error
RESULT_VARIABLE Subversion_svn_log_result
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