Commit 0be0e02c authored by Gregor Jasny's avatar Gregor Jasny

Xcode: Add tvOS and watchOS toolchain file support

Issue #16839
parent 4547d9a8
......@@ -321,7 +321,8 @@ Id flags: ${testflags} ${CMAKE_${lang}_COMPILER_ID_FLAGS_ALWAYS}
set(id_product_type "")
set(id_sdkroot "SDKROOT = \"${CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT}\";")
if(CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT MATCHES "(^|/)[Ii][Pp][Hh][Oo][Nn][Ee]")
if(CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT MATCHES "(^|/)[Ii][Pp][Hh][Oo][Nn][Ee]" OR
CMAKE_OSX_SYSROOT MATCHES "(^|/)[Aa][Pp][Pp][Ll][Ee][Tt][Vv]")
set(id_product_type "")
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