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CMake 2.8.4-rc2

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......@@ -432,7 +432,7 @@ SET(CMake_VERSION_MAJOR 2)
# Releases define a tweak level.
Changes in CMake 2.8.4-rc2 (since 2.8.4-rc1)
Alex Neundorf (3):
Make cmake build again with cmake < 2.6.3
Strip trailing whitespace.
Fix parsing of compiler name with a version number
Ben Boeckel (86):
... 86 commit messages summarized as:
Fix ADD_TEST regression when WORKING_DIRECTORY not given
Add new "strict-mode" CMake variable checking
Activate / avoid using new command line arguments:
Bill Hoffman (3):
For macros make sure the FilePath points to a valid pointer in the args.
Add a warning when variables are used uninitialized.
Make --strict-mode option, and integrate with cmake-gui
Brad King (34):
bootstrap: Granular system library selection (#11431)
bootstrap: Clarify --init flag documentation (#11431)
bootstrap: --verbose implies verbose Makefiles (#11708)
Combine duplicate COMPILE_DEFINITIONS disclaimer
Document COMPILE_DEFINITIONS known limitations (#11660, #11712)
Document try_compile behavior more clearly (#11688)
Document Check(C|CXX)SourceCompiles behavior more clearly (#11688)
Fix get_(cmake|test)_property documentation (#11703)
Reference get_property() from old get_*_property() commands
Replace misleading example in the if() documentation (#10773)
Clarify auto-dereference cases in if() command (#11701)
Document CheckFunctionExists more clearly (#10044)
Document CheckSymbolExists more clearly (#11685)
Update CheckSymbolExists copyright year
Report directory with missing source file (#11677)
Test that missing source mentions directory (#11677)
Teach Simple_Mingw_Linux2Win test to use windres
Disable SubDirSpaces parens with GNU Make 3.82 (#11654)
libarchive: Fix major() check for LSB 4.0 (#11648)
Xcode: Make generation depend on all input directories
Recognize SCO UnixWare C/C++ compilers (#11700)
Factor SCO compiler info out of platform file (#11700)
Honor CMAKE_TRY_COMPILE_CONFIGURATION in Makefile generators (#10809)
Honor VS_SCC_* properties in Fortran targets (#10237)
Normalize slashes in scanned #include lines (#10281)
Improve try_compile and try_run error messages
Use shortest extension to verify try_compile language (#11731)
Modules: Include builtin FindPackageHandleStandardArgs directly
Clarify CMAKE_USER_MAKE_RULES_OVERRIDE documentation (#11724)
Always place try_compile executables predictably (#11724)
try_compile: Allow only languages loaded in caller (#11469)
Fix ArgumentExpansion test expected results
Clinton Stimpson (1):
Replace exec_program with execute_process for qmake queries.
David Cole (16):
Update script with new machine name
VS10: Fix problems with InstallRequiredSystemLibraries.
Add CPACK_NSIS_INSTALL_ROOT for CMake's own installer (#9148)
Xcode: Disable implicit make rules in custom rules makefiles.
Add freeglut as library name (#10031)
Add new names for PNG and ZLIB libraries
Avoid exceptions when ccmake terminal window is too small (#11668)
VS10: Load projects with obj "source" files (#11147)
VS10: Enable using devenv as CMAKE_MAKE_PROGRAM (#11459)
Xcode: Fix crash: avoid strlen call on NULL char *
CTestTest2: Avoid running purify unless requested
VS10: Escape double quote chars in defines for rc files (#11695)
Fix line too long KWStyle issue (#11695)
Avoid space in rc /D values for VS6 and Cygwin (#11695)
VSResource: Avoid windres /D with quoted spaces (#11695)
Marcus D. Hanwell (1):
Bug #11715 - generate header in the build tree.
Nicolas Despres (1):
bootstrap: Add --enable-ccache option (#11707)
Changes in CMake 2.8.4-rc1 (since 2.8.3)
Alex Neundorf (32):
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