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    Features: Record features for Intel Compiler on Windows · 369d5809
    Brad King authored
    Since this compiler always defines `__cplusplus` to `1` we need to use
    `_MSC_VER`, `__INTEL_CXX11_MODE__`, and the feature test macro named
    `__cpp_aggregate_nsdmi` to detect C++11 and C++14 modes.
    With no `-Qstd=` flag this compiler defaults to C++98 plus a subset of
    C++11/C++14 features needed to be compatible with MSVC.  We pretend it
    is plain C++98 and add a `-Qstd=` flag whenever needed for C++11 or
    above features even if they would happen to be available in MSVC-mode.
    Closes: #16384