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    BundleUtilities: Resolve & replace @rpath placeholders · f7df82ac
    Adam Strzelecki authored
    This is done by gathering LC_RPATH commands for main bundle executable and
    using it for @rpath lookup in dependent frameworks.
    All functions that need to carry rpaths to now take optional <rpaths> argument.
    This enabled apps using @rpath to be bundled correctly, which will be necessary
    for upcoming Qt 5.4 that will use @rpath for all frameworks.
    Check that install_name_tool has -delete_rpath before using it.
    Otherwise it will fail with Xcode 3.x on 10.5 which has no -delete_rpath
    option for install_name_tool command, that was first introduced in 10.6
    SDK, even that 10.5 supports LC_RPATH and @rpath.
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