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    Ninja: Fix RC include directories regression · f4c5eade
    Brad King authored
    Changes in commit b9aa5041 (cmLocalGenerator: Simplify GetIncludeFlags
    output formatting, 2014-03-04) caused Windows Resource Compiler include
    directories to be computed as relative paths in the Ninja generator.
    This breaks the cmcldeps handling of include paths.  The reason for the
    regression is that several cmLocalGenerator::GetIncludeFlags callers
    treated the fourth "bool forResponseFile" argument as if it controlled
    whether include directories were a full path.  It actually did control
    that by accident until the above commit.
    Add an explicit "bool forceFullPaths" argument to GetIncludeFlags
    and thread the value through ConvertToIncludeReference as needed.
    Update GetIncludeFlags call sites that really wanted to control the
    forResponseFile setting to be aware of the new argument.  Extend the
    VSResource test to cover this case.
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