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    Remove CMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS variable. · 1335992c
    Stephen Kelly authored
    The test for this variable was removed in commit v2.8.8~330^2~7 (complex:
    Remove ancient unused ComplexRelativePaths test, 2011-12-23).
    Commit v3.1.0-rc1~425^2~2 (backtrace: Convert to local paths in
    IssueMessage, 2014-03-12) appears to have accidentally made some backtraces
    print relative paths with the variable because conversions which used to be
    done at configure time, before the variable had an effect are now potentially
    done at generate time.
    The documentation of the variable says not to use it, and the docs are wrong in
    that the variable actually applies in per-directory scope.
    The read of the variable makes it harder to split conversion methods from
    cmLocalGenerator where they don't belong.  Remove it now.