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    Merge topic 'output-compile-lines' · e51bbc14
    Brad King authored
    cdc2b41c Fix CompileCommandOutput test build on Windows
    7039d1fd Fix CompileCommandOutput test for Make tools not supporting spaces
    4268e3d7 run_compile_commands: Cast istream::get() result to char
    c45c60b2 run_compile_commands: Avoid extra stl vector conversion
    7c5be511 run_compile_commands: Avoid shadow in std::map<>::at workaround
    169bb05f Provide std::map<>::at for use in run_compile_commands
    4e2185cb Make std::map usage more portable in language=>flags/defines maps
    a7e7a04a Fix run_compile_commands build on Apple GCC 3.3
    c9174c0e Fix signed/unsigned comparison in EscapeJSON
    8346a28a Only offer the compile command output feature on unix systems
    0e6b05fc Adds a test for the compile command line output.
    5674844d make compile command output optional
    fe07b055 implement cxx command output
    65c0c24a cache flags and defines
    3f064efe refactor flags and defines
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