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    VS14: Add Visual Studio 14 generator (#14982) · 65624c39
    Brad King authored
    Call the generator "Visual Studio 14" without any year because this
    version of VS does not provide a year in the product name.
    Copy cmGlobalVisualStudio12Generator to cmGlobalVisualStudio14Generator
    and update version numbers accordingly.  Add the VS14 enumeration value.
    Teach the platform module Windows-MSVC to set MSVC14 and document the
    variable.  Teach module InstallRequiredSystemLibraries to look for the VS
    14 runtime libraries.
    Teach tests CheckCompilerRelatedVariables, VSExternalInclude, and
    RunCMake.GeneratorToolset to treat VS 14 as they do VS 10, 11, and 12.
    Co-Author: Pawel Stopinski <diokhan@go2.pl>
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