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    Help: Workaround Qt 4.8 assistant bug in CSS handling. · 3a572290
    Stephen Kelly authored
    Assistant in Qt 4.8 does not handle css import paths relative to
    the includer.  This is fixed in Qt 4.8 commit b95750a275 (Assistant: Set
    the url on created QNetworkReply objects., 2014-03-31).  It is unknown
    whether there will be a further Qt 4.8 release containing that commit.
    Use a CMake script to pre-replace the content prior to generating the
    qch file.  An alternative workaround of moving the files or adding
    "_static" to the import path did not seem to work for existing Qt 4.8
    The bug was fixed in the Qt 5 branch before Qt 5.0. The Qt 5 assistant
    renders this workaround'ed version correctly too.
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